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Clinical Training and Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

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Courses for Mental and Emotional Wellness

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Specializing in Mental and Emotional Wellness, DBT, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy and Private Practice Building

Training and Support for Professionals

We are a team of mental health care providers who, in addition to our clinical work, also provide learning webinars, coaching, and CE training for mental health professionals.

In this time of heightened mental health needs, we need to support each other to do our best work.

This includes expanded access to training on modalities like DBT or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, where there just aren't enough practitioners available to meet the growing needs. That is where we come in.

We want to help you so that you can offer the best care and cutting edge approaches for your clients. With online education, support, and guidance for a solid foundation, you can create a more flourishing practice and feel confident doing it!

Courses and Support for Mental and Emotional Wellness

Healing from emotional pain isn't a one hour a week endeavor and there is no one approach that works for everyone.  We believe that true healing and recover involves a team and includes different approaches, including self education.

For people who want additional support in their healing journey, we also offer wellness courses and webinars. Sometimes therapy once a week isn't enough, or maybe you don't have access to therapy at the moment, or you have questions. 

While our webinars and courses are not intended to be therapy or to replace therapy, they can be an excellent adjunct to the work you are already doing. 

Courses, Coaching and Community for Mental Health Professionals

Looking to create a more flourishing practice and feel more confident doing it?

We offer a series of DBT courses to teach you the fundamental building blocks of DBT and the DBT Life Skills. In addition, we offer DBT Learning Community with an interactive Q&A. We also offer coaching and consultation with a DBT expert to support your learning goals.

We also offer informational webinars on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Psychedelics are here to stay - if you have questions, we have answers.

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Courses for Mental and Emotional Wellness

Healing doesn't only happen in the therapy room. In fact, the majority of true healing work is done between sessions.

We are happy to offer supportive webinars to help you in your journey, no matter where you are now or where your final destination may be.

Current Courses:

  • Ketamine: The Science and Spirit of Psychedelic Healing
  • When You or Someone You Love Was Sexually Abused
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Clinical Consultation and Executive Coaching

Need a little help navigating clinical or practice challenges? Book a coaching session with founder Linnea Butler, LMFT or CEO Melissa Maitre

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! This is Linnea, Melissa, and Natasha, the leadership team at Bay Area Mental Health.  Welcome to our Learning Center!  We work with tough stuff and we go the extra mile. We do our best help you understand the information we are providing and ensure that our passion shines through our work.  We honor the instincts that helped you survive and challenge you to grow. We nurture your resilience and empower you to stand on your own two feet. 


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