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Deepen your clinical work and help your clients transform with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)



Learn how KAP can enhance and deepen the therapeutic process by...


Reducing analysis paralysis and increasing meaning making 

Accessing and resolving stuck negative thinking and rigid patterns 

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The Ketamine Experience

"I felt a sense of awe and expansiveness"


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Thoughts from the growing ketamine community:
"My curiosity has been rewarded with a more fulfilling life, better relationships with my family, and a renewed sense of purpose."

"In my ketamine work, I was able to reconnect with the essence of my heart and with a broader, more expansive state of awareness. Science intrigued my left brain and Spirit began to fill my deflated heart."


“Strictly speaking, these drugs do not impart wisdom at all, any more than the microscope alone gives knowledge. They provide the raw materials of wisdom...."

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