$897.00 USD

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Leveling Up with DBT Turnkey Training Package

Unlock your inner Wise Mind with the DBT Turnkey Training Package!

What you'll get:

  • Fundamentals of DBT Theory and Application (6 CE hours), $150 value
  • The Skills and How to Teach Them (20 CE hours), $297 value
  • A year long membership to DBT Learning Community, $180 value
  • Individual coaching and consultation session with DBT Therapist and Group Practice Founder Linnea Butler, $300 value
  • BONUS: Only available with this offer - turnkey 6.5 month DBT Skills group curriculum binder set, ready to customize and print!


What People Are Saying:

It was an awesome course and gave me ideas for interventions with my clients that I can use right away

It was a helpful introduction to the core components of DBT and how DBT concepts can be applied in sessions.

The DBT course was very informative and gave a lot of important information and I am eager to learn more.

Excellent training! Linnea has a way of explaining the concepts that is both accessible and exciting